Import Notice for Landlords

Friday Apr 13th, 2018


Effective April 30th, 21018, Ontario landlords and tenants must use the new standard form of lease, some highlights include:

  • Clear outline on rent and form of payment (e.g. while tenants can choose to pay via post-dated cheques or automatic payments, these means can no longer be required) 
  • Up to 1 month's rent can be collected as rent deposit, damage deposits are not allowed, although tenants must repair/pay for damage caused by the tenant, their guests, or another person who lives in the unit
  • If tenants pay for utilities, the landlord must provide them with bills from the most recent 12 months to help estimate cost
  • Tenant may assign/sublet the rental unit to another person at a price no higher than the current rent with the consent of the landlord, the landlord cannot arbitrarily or unreasonably withhold consent
  • Additional terms are allowed but must follow the Residential Tenancy Act (e.g. cannot prohibit pets or require tenants to look after snow removal)

Please message or call us if you'd like to discuss what this will mean to you. More information can be found on:


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